Working under hazardous conditions, the Lowbed and Heavy Rigging Divisions had the task of moving two fuel storage tanks for Sisonke Budpol Construction in Johannesburg.

These two 8 m x 8 m fuel storage tanks, weighing a total of 54 tons, had to be moved from the staging facility to a holding facility where they would be relocated. “The Engen Depo is being upgraded and the old fuel tanks cannot hold the volume required. The new tanks hold double the volume of fuel,” says Richard Gouws, Project Manager for Sisonke Budpol Construction

With no room for error, the Lovemore Bros and Sisonke Budpol Construction teams had to move these tanks while working around the existing fuel pipelines that were in operation during the lift.

This was one of the most interesting jobs I have been on and we all had to work as a team to ensure that there was no room for error. Our Lowbed and Heavy Rigging team, together with the Sisonke Budpol team worked together to ensure that the job was done safely and efficiently,” says Sean Walker

Built on a reputation for delivering quality workmanship and expertise, Sisonke Budpol Construction is a driven civil engineering and mechanical contracting company that has been a key player in the construction industry since 1994.

“The job went very well and we were very happy with the Lovemore teams work as well as how well we all worked together to get the job done,” says Richard.