OUR Lovemore Bros Richards Bay Warehouse is located in the expanding Richards Bay Industrial Zone based 500m from the harbour entrance and it’s a perfect location for easy and fast accessibility into and out of the harbour.

An Australia company had bought equipment from various old mines in Gauteng and needed it be transported down to Richards Bay where it was to be shipped to Australia. Lovemore Bros Transport was given the important project of transporting the loads from the various Mines in Rustenburg, Germiston, Carltonville and Wadeville to the Lovemore Bros Warehouse in Richards Bay to get the loads ready for when the ship arrived.

Once the ship is in port all the equipment had to be inspected and cleaned thoroughly in the yard and again on the dock side, as Australia is an island with an incredible ecosystem, and the loads needed to pass high quality control inspections before being allowed to depart. It took Lovemore Bros 6 weeks to safely and efficiently transport the equipment with our experienced crews working for 5 days – 24 hours a day to load everything onto the ship in a special sequence order assisted by client who we always regarding with the highest admiration for their instruction and guidance.

Once again Metro Police were in attendance as they are required by law to escort all loads exceeding 3500mm wide and/or 4800mm high within the municipal boundaries of each transit town, so a trip from Gauteng can take over 2 weeks to get to destination point. We are always grateful for the Metro Police support.

In total Lovemore Richards Bay did almost 100 truckloads to the harbour. Any delays when the ship is in the harbour would cost the client a huge amount of money due to harbour regulations so we needed to be as efficient as possible but at the same time maintaining our high safety and security standards yet granting customer satisfaction and excellence at the end of the project. Team work and communication was the key to the move with crew in the warehouse and on the dock loading onto the ship.