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Cargo that is oversized or heavy or exceeds the weight and dimensions of the legal limits is classified as abnormal cargo and it is transported using specialised vehicles and trailers with legal support assistance and documentation. The transport of abnormal loads can be dangerous for the obvious reasons of size and weight. Our Lovemore Bros team has years of experience in mastering this solution, albeit a unique challenge every project, our team is skilled and know what is required for this risky and specialised service.

Our Abnormal Loads Transport Solution has been established to offer the service of relocating bulk, oversized and heavy cargo. Safety and accuracy is at the forefront of all project decision making when it comes to transporting abnormally sized goods.

Priorities in our Abnormal Loads Transport Solution include the following:

    • Route survey and mapping – Identify all obstructions and intersections, arrange civil work for all route modifications, and organise transport assistance for all abnormal load transportation
    • Authorisation documents – Adhering to the National Road Traffic Act and the National Road Traffic Regulations is a standard in our scope of work for any transportation operation. The application of abnormal permits, road clearance certificates and RTI escorts are all integral elements of the solution.
    • Completed site and route safety files
    • Dedicated operations team available 24/7 – Our operators are required to be experienced in transporting abnormal loads. Various tools are used to assess and monitor the transportation of cargo.
    • Project & logistics management
    • Extendable trailers – 60T with 35m extension length
    • Lowbed trailers

Our fleet of lowbed trailers are critical in our Abnormal Loads Solution. These trailers are designed low decks that make it easier to transport abnormally sized cargo. Lowbed trailers are built to transport heavy machinery and equipment as their beams are strong enough to withstand pressure from such cargo. Our lowbed trailers optimise our abnormal loads transport solutions that are built to transport heavy loads with extensive width dimensions. Our fleet of lowbed trailers includes the following:

    • Well decks
    • Step decks & Superdeck
    • Multi Axle Hydraulic Trailer
    • Modular Powered Platforms
    • Extendable trailers
    • Hydraulic gooseneck trailers

Abnormal loads transport comes with high risk and high costs, however, our Lovemore team will minimise your project risk, by using experienced and skilled resources to manage all logistics and safely execute your transportation requirements.


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Poven Pillay
Abnormal Loads HOD
Email:  poven@lovemore.co.za
Cell:  083 643 9922

Ryan Govender
Technical Sales
Email:  ryan@lovemore.co.za
Cell:  079 508 9517


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