THE KwaXolo Caves were previously home to the San (Bushmen) that inhabited the caves over 1,000 years ago. Although weathered and faded over the past 1,000 years, the 4 rock art paintings are still clearly visible within the main cave overhang.

The Community of KwaXolo along with the Ugu South Coast Development Agency and South Coast Tourism all realized the opportunity of creating a locally owned and run tourism business in the area. This would create employment, and bring in much needed revenue for local tourism businesses to be developed.

The KwaXolo caves and paintings, until recently, were not accessible to the general public due to the unpassable mountainous access route.

In 2018, a client of Lovemore Bros put forward concepts that would enable the public safe access to the caves. In addition to this, there was the possibility of constructing an extreme 1,016m long zip line to add to the KwaXolo Caves Adventures portfolio, which Lovemore Bros was requested to quote on.

With the support and funding from a local South Coast company in conjunction with the USCDA and SCT, the construction of the 1,016m zip line began; being designed and constructed as an extreme “Double Zip Line” where 2 patrons can ride side by side.

The project consists of 5,1km of 16mm wire ropes (ride lines and safety lines) weighing over 5,3t that will be permanently rigged as part of the system. A further 6,5km of wire rope will be used and dismantled as part of the rigging process.