Lovemore Bros Mechanical Team and Lowbed Division Assist Brace Able with New Press’s to Expand Production

Lovemore Bros Lowbed

Established in 1988, Brace Able has been a first Tier supplier to the automotive industry for 27 years with the core part of their business being metal pressings and welded assemblies.

With a dedicated Engineering Division with Tool, Die and Jig manufacturing capabilities, Brace Able’s recent procurement of 5 presses and the moving of another, will add further value to the business by increasing production, according to Maintenance Manager, Dave Flately.

One of the impressive presses bought in was a British Clearing Press that weighed 60 tons.

“There were two British Clearing Press’s that had to be moved, and the press was so large that we had to dismantle the crown section, cheek plates, bolster, base and hydraulic tank in order for us to transport the machine,” says Luke Smith, Lovemore Bros Heavy Rigging Technical Consultant.

The Lovemore Bros Mechanical team dismantled the press in Johannesburg and the Lowbed Division then transported it down to the Brace Able factory in Durban, where it was offloaded and meticulously reassembled.

“Besides being over 25 years in the industry, I believe that Brace Able’s success is from our commitment to quality and supply,” says Dave.

A 90 ton H-Frame press was also recently moved from their old factory to their new factory, which saw the Lovemore Heavy Rigging team working under difficult accesses areas and a tight time frame to ensure production was not affected.

“I can’t compliment the Lovemore Bros Heavy Rigging team enough, especially the Riggers, Naushad and Ricky, they rigged the press out the pit with such confidence and so much thought went into the job – I knew then I had nothing to worry about,” says Dave.