LOVEMORE was contracted to provide rigging and mechanical services for the removal of equipment from the Rubber Plant in Metso Vereeniging.

The Presses were cut in place with the use of cutting torches, then removed and loaded onto transporters in pieces. The removal and loading was done with the use of crane trucks and overhead gantries. Cutting of the pieces reduced the cost of transportation and allowed the scrap dealer to offload the presses easily.

The stripped pieces of the press were cleaned, palletised, shrink wrapped and crated. Only then could they be transported to the port using Lovemore specialised trailers and escorts to cater for the abnormal loads.


THIS time we travel to Ladysmith, which is a historic town in KwaZulu-Natal. It is famous for being the hometown of the award-winning Ladysmith Black Mambazo and for its rich variety of Battlefields, monuments, and memorials commemorating those who fought in the war.

Our Mechanical Projects team were tasked to de stuff containers and install the door drum unit, which makes the Fridge and freezer doors at Defy.

A total of 40 tons were unpacked and then the installation started. Nathan and Martin’s experienced crews were tasked with this job, with the help from our Johannesburg office who sent their Crane trucks out to help with the lifts. We were awaiting the Chinese technicians which unfortunately due to COVID-19 were unable to travel but Defy needed the machine to be put together as soon as possible and our 2 x MP crews and Jhb teams did an effective and dependable job of de stuffing, Installing and levelling the unit much to our customers satisfaction.

We now await the Chinese techs for final installation which should happen mid-December once travel restrictions have lifted, we will keep you updated, so watch this space for the final project.



OUR Richards Bay and Durban division came together for this exciting project..

Lovemore Bros was asked to rig up 3 x GRP U Bends at 2 tons each to a height of 48m, and that’s pretty high up, it’s very delicate work as we cannot control the weather, and we need to respect it.

Despite us having to redistribute our resources to meet the client’s requirements, Lovemore Bros still managed to complete the project successfully, skilfully and safely and within the planned schedule.



OFFLOADING equipment to check its weight specifications for transportation may be a relatively simple task, but when the specifics involve a 243-ton reactor measuring 31.5m with a 5.54m diameter, simple assumes a different dimension.

Last year a combined team including Mechanical Projects and Heavy Rigging working alongside the Heavy Lift Solutions department were called in to assist when a SAPREF reactor – dubbed “the whale reactor” – arrived in Durban port and reflected a disparity between the transfer permit weight and the load mats reading.

Heavy Lift Solutions engineer Damon Schoon says the load mats used to ascertain whether the reactor and trailer combination agreed with the transport permit showed a 9-ton discrepancy. Lovemore Bros was hired to pick up the reactor off the trailer bed with the secondary objective being to weigh the reactor and either prove or disprove the mat readings. Destined for the SAPREF refinery in Isipingo, the reactor served as part of a diesel production capacity upgrade to effectively double capacity. Schoon says this was the first time Lovemore Bros had attempted a dual gantry lift of this particular set-up as the 230t gantry could not go into the second stage of its hydraulic extensions without hitting capacity issues.

While the trailer was reconfigured to allow for the extra weight, Schoon says the team weighed the reactor using both tension and compression load cells. This involved lowering and lifting the entire 242-ton load more than 20 times.

“In the end we ascertained the shipped weight was correct to within two tons and the reactor was loaded back on to the reconfigured trailer to make its way to the refinery,” Schoon concludes.