ON  Monday, 11 April 2022, a weather system triggered floods in the Kwa Zulu Natal (KZN) province leading to an excess of 300mm of rainfall over a 24-hour period, the heaviest one-day downpour in over 60 years, the South African Weather Service said.

On Wednesday 13 April, the Kwa Zulu Natal floods were declared a provincial disaster.

435 dead, 54 missing and more than 50 000 households were affected.

Seeing the devastation and so many people needing help, our Director Bruce Lovemore sent out a plea and staff were eager to get involved in supporting our community and helping KZN, wherever we were needed, whatever needed to be done.  The devastation was astronomical and we just want to make a difference in any way we could.

We can’t mention all the stories of bravery and comradery and friendship, here are just a few.  But to each and every one of you, thank you.  You might not be on the front line but you are just as important as the person behind, in front and next to you.