IN a bid to consistently improve its ratings, Lovemore Bros proudly announces registered auditors MSCT BEE Services has awarded the rigging company with a Level 3 BBBEE (broad-based black economic empowerment) status – a notch down from its previous assessment.

Lovemore Bros joint CEO Rob Lovemore says the accreditation, achieved by Lovemore Bros’ association with black-owned development specialist company Engeli, means customers can obtain more value out of their procurement spend when contracting the company to undertake its heavy machinery work.

A 51% black-owned company, Engeli has various related accreditations including being duly accredited as a black private equity fund manager under the Amended BBBEE Codes of Good Practise and a registered financial services provider with the Financial Sector Coduct Authority (FSCA). The company is also 46.4% black-women owned and a Level 2 contributor.

Lovemore says Engeli addresses the primary needs of businesses regardless of size with the core thrust aligned to addressing three fundamental issues – access to markets; access to finance and access to high level business support, mentorship and strategic direction.

Engeli is not unduly involved in operations, but directly and indirectly incentivised to have a positive impact through the support of its executive team and shareholders. Lovemore says in essence, the company focuses on strategy, development and organic and acquisitive growth.

“Engeli incorporates BBBEE best practice to deliver a synergistic approach necessary to grow and sustain businesses in support of wealth and job creation,” he says.

Founded in 1989 as a start-up business, Lovemore Bros is a fully integrated service provider geared to supply first-world reliability, safety and efficiency for any machinery logistics needs.

The company is entrenched as a southern African market leader in machine moving and rigging and related services and today operates a fleet of specialised rigs including hydraulic crane trucks, abnormal load trailers with extendable beds, forklifts and various bespoke lifting gear like mobile gantries, strand-jack systems and self-propelled multi-axle trailers.

Lovemore Bros strives to deliver high quality, reliable equipment and skilled, experienced teams to its clients and boasts regional distribution with offices in Durban, Richards Bay and Johannesburg. The company offers clients substantial operating capacity via its quality crane truck and low bed fleet and its warehousing infrastructure

Level 3 rating will also benefit companies conducting business with Lovemore Bros including active participation in the government’s preferential procurement policy; qualifying for government tender contracts and a competitive edge in the industry,” Lovemore says. For more information call the Blue Crane to maximise your business opportunities and lighten your load.