LOVEMORE BROS Transport Timber Export Crating

The LOVEMORE BROS Timber Export Crating team designs and fabricates timber crates according to the requirements of customers in terms of quality, size and capacity. LOVEMORE BROS identified a requirement for the provision of crates for various uses such as the protection of fragile machinery of light weight, high value machinery to be moved and heavy chunky pieces that are too big to fit into conventional containers.
Add on services that we offer include rust proofing, plastic covering, shrink wrapping, marking and documentation.

Recently, two control panels were damaged in transit by another transport operator and the Supplier required them to be returned urgently to the OEM overseas. The Shipping option would have taken 6 weeks, and the clients decided to Airfreight the cargo back.

Our crating team took only 3 days to construct the crates and secure the panels. This involved turning the panels onto their sides and fabricating a light weight crate in order to comply with airfreight dimensions regarding the limited height and weight.

LOVEMORE BROS is registered and is in compliance with the guidelines of International Standard 15 for Wood Packaging in International Trade.