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Highly technical project work requires an intricate level of understanding and knowledge. The Mechanical Projects division plays an integral role in our Lovemore Bros turnkey solution. This division employs expert Engineers in fitting, boiler-making and red seal rigging to provide technical solutions to some of the industry’s most complex scenarios. The team has extensive experience across a multitude of industries which include maritime, mining, aviation, mining, manufacturing and logistics.

Our Red Seal Riggers are certified and experienced with all-sized cranes and they are highly experienced in under-ground and complex mining rigging solutions as well as mills, cement factories and road and rail.

Our Engineering Fabrication / Boilermaking skillset ensures we assess all of our steel components & structures which include collars, stands, rails, lifting frames, lifting, lifting points, walkways, cat ladders, section replacements, jacking points, gantries signage framework and pipe blanking.

Supporting the rigging crews, our mechanical team assist in the establishment, demobilisation and transportation of machines. The team ensure that the machines and lines are installed and shimmed according to the required levelling and lining specifications on site.

Our in-house Mechanical Projects team are continuously updating their equipment to adapt to ever-changing technology and innovation to support us in offering customers customised concepts to actively manage risk and apply resolve in intricate construction and logical scenarios. Cable-way rigging, mobile crane establishment and demobilisation and complex equipment floating options are some of the more traditional projects our team work on.

Lifting between 226t-318t, our two hydraulic mobile gantry style quad jacking systems that are complete with header beams and self-propelled drives on modular tracks.

The Parts Store maintains a stockholding of tools relevant for any projects that include rigging, working at height and mechanical projects which are regularly inspected for quality assurance and in accordance with safety standards:

    • Hydraulic equipment – which includes flat, hollow and standard jacking systems, mobile gantries, nut splitters, impact wrenches, torque wrenches, bearing pullers, push and pull systems and, power packs
    • Working at height equipment – bosun’s chairs and fall arrest equipment
    • Rigging equipment – slings, shackles and crawls to jack packs of up to 800t. Toe jacks, lever hoists, chain blocks and general rigging gear
    • Cutting equipment – sets include Oxy/Acetylene, LPG, Plasma and Gouging tools. Precision cutting is executed by laser, fine blades and dremel work.

The Mechanical Projects team support our comprehensive turnkey solution that services Sub-Saharan Africa. Their experience, expertise and attention to details ensure that we execute your project with accuracy, safety and efficiency.


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