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Mechanical Installation, Disassembly and Servicing

LOVEMORE BROS Mechanical Projects offer an integral part of the machine moving and rigging service, with technical solutions to complex problems. These solutions are realized with the assistance of experienced and qualified fitting, boiler-making, red seal rigging and highly technical teams with a wide variety of expertise in the industry. The mechanical teams along with rigging crews assist with sketching of plans, marking and dismantling of machines to be transported to new locations. Machines and lines are installed on site and lined up, levelled to the required specification, shimmed and anchored down in position. LOVEMORE BROS Mechanical Projects integrates innovative concepts and reliable technology, attending to a wide variety of inquiries creatively, meeting deadlines with attention to delivering good service through knowledge and skills. Our experienced engineers motivate built-to-order concepts to actively manage risk and apply resolve to construction and logistical queries. The in-house team are available to assess steel components and structures, including collars, stands, rails, lifting frames, lifting points, walkways, cat ladders, steel section replacements, jacking points, gantries, signage framework and pipe blanking. Cable-way rigging, mobile crane work and complex equipment floating options are what make our teams thrive. New environments, pieces of machinery, product lines, project teams, and problems to resolve are what make this industry stimulating and enjoyable.


    We have two Hydraulic Mobile Gantry style quad jacking systems, complete with header beams and self-propelled drives on modular tracks that can lift 226ton and 318tons respectfully


    The wide variety of specialized equipment issued from our stores cater for rigging, mechanical, working at heights and risk management solutions for typical projects we tackle on a regular basis in industry. Regularly checked and inspected multiple man cages, bosun’s chairs and fall arrest equipment ensure safety of our staff; when working at heights. Hydraulic equipment includes flat, hollow and standard jacking systems, mobile gantries, nut splitters, impact wrenches, torque wrenches, bearing pullers, push and pull systems and power packs to name a few. Our rigging equipment ranges from slings, shackles and crawls to jack packs that cater for up to 800 tonnes comfortably. Toe jacks, lever hoists, chain blocks and gear make up some of the daily utilized equipment. Cutting sets include Oxy/Acetylene, LPG, Plasma and Gouging tools. Precision cutting from laser, fine blades and Dremel work.


    Specialising in multi-faceted projects of various durations, the mechanical team offers mechanical and rigging services to sub-Saharan Africa, where our teams offer comprehensive solutions to a diverse range of projects.


    Fabrication from drawings, designs on AutoCAD, Excel spread sheets and MS Projects data capture form the basis of some of our service offerings. Harbours and dry docks, air ports, off-shore, open cast and shaft mining, manufacturing plants, mills, transport facilities, oil and gas, storage facilities and high risk plants are but some of the sites we are well adapted to working on and are familiar with


    The mechanical crew together with our rigging crew, assist with the marking, sketching out plans and dismantling of machines to be re-assembled in a new position on site or transported to a new location, lined up, leveled to the required specification, re-assembled and anchored down in position.


    Our rigging crews are red seal certified and work well with all sizes of cranes as well as offering under-ground complex mining rigging solutions, and a range of complex rigging solutions for mills, cement factories and road and rail.


    Our mechanical and rigging teams have years of experience efficiently and safely working with a range of equipment including mobile and floating cranes, dual lifts, forklifts, bosun’s chairs, scissor lifts, cherry pickers and spreader beams.We have worked in many of the countries below the bulge of Africa, with experience in nearly all the Sub-Saharan African countries to some degree or another. We have the ability to quickly mobilize and be on site shortly after the enquiries have been made or orders placed. LOVEMORE BROS attention to detail in our quoting, work practices and relationships ensure accuracy and efficiency and service delivery


Bradd Gilmour

COO Projects Division

C: +27 73 683 8163


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