UNFORTUNATELY, we were also affected by the floods, our warehouse was damaged when the hill behind our offices collapsed, causing a massive mudslide into one of our warehouses. The thick mud was 10 meters into the warehouse, and the warehouse sheeting came down which ended up damaging some of our customer’s machines. We did inform our clients straight away and they were very understanding. We arranged a clean-up crew to assist us with cleaning and repairs, it took roughly two weeks to get all the mud out. It was devastating to witness.

If you came to visit us today, you would never say we were affected, our Warehouse is spotless and back to 100% running capacity.

To prevent this from happening again, we have rebuilt and reinforced the walls with steel/concrete and brickwork, we have cut the bank back and our contractors have removed the loose soil. Our customer Machines are on pallets, dunnage is being used to secure & keep machines safe. We are constantly on the lookout for methods to improve and strengthen our facility. “It has been a learning experience for us,” says Quinton our Warehouse Manager, “disaster management plans are in place, and we have gained a lot of experience going forwards to prevent this from happening again”