Lovemore Bros Machine moving and rigging
Lovemore Bros Machine moving and rigging

With personalised services to their clients and a philosophy of consistency and innovation, Megapak offers comprehensive packaging solutions for a wide market, and with the addition of their new blow-moulder for their Swaziland operation, Megapak is set to continue to be a preferred supplier.

Manufactured by Sika Blow-Moulding in Taiwan, the new Megapak blow-moulder was shipped to South Africa, on route to the Megapak operation in Swaziland.

“We did this job from start to finish, from fetching the container from the harbour, destuffing it at our warehouse and transporting and then offloading it into position at the operation in Swaziland,” says Jerry Munsamy from the Lovemore Bros Johannesburg Rigging Division that specialises in cross-border transportation. “When transporting over the border we take particular detail in ensuring that all documentation and cross border permits are in order to avoid delays.”

The unique design of the machine ensures high speed cooling to increase output and maintain quality. The machine will be used to manufacture 20 and 25 litre jerry cans.

“The machine that was assembled and positioned in Swaziland presented a few challenges as well as the plant being a food accredited operation which meant we had to meet some stringent requirements,” says Morgan Govender, Engineering Manager for Megapak Pinetown and Swaziland. “I have been working with Lovemore Bros for over twenty years and have not had any poor service to date.”

The machine was transported with 2 crane trucks and offloaded at the factory, where it was then put onto crawlers, moved into factory and rigged position by the Lovemore Bros team.

“On behalf of the Megapak team I like to say thank you for a job well done. A special thank you to Petros Ngcamu from Johannesburg Rigging that headed up the operation and who did an exemplary job. He needs to be commended for his commitment,” says Morgan.