New Handling and Storage Facility for Lovemore Bros

Lovemore Bros Handling and Storage Facility

Lovemore Bros, experts in the movement of machinery are continuously looking for better solutions for their clients. Their latest investment is in a handling and storage facility on Rotterdam Rd in the Bayhead area of Durban Port. The facility is designed to handle oversize, abnormal machinery up to 350t in weight, meeting the increasing demands of clients moving heavy machinery through the Durban Port.

“South Africa is going through an infrastructure development stage, most noticeably with our power generating facilities. We are importing modern machinery for these projects that are designed to be transported in larger pieces to reduce on site costs of installation. The transport of this cargo is a specialised service and requires costly equipment and experience to manage it. Our new facility at the Durban Port is ideally situated for the movement of large machinery, as all large pieces generally arrive on 1 vessel and require a staging area near the port before being transported through to site,” says Peter Lovemore.

The new facility is in addition to their existing premises in New Germany, where over the period of 19 years, they have developed their warehousing operations to offer a complete set of warehouse services including handling, storage, packaging and transport. Currently there are 5 warehouses in close proximity, each with differing features to accommodate the wide range of requirements that machine handling presents.

Clients with commodities other than machinery are using Lovemore Bros to handle their cargo, as they insist on the highest quality standards when it comes to handling and safety. It is common to see steel products, granite, rubber and high-value equipment within their warehouses, where everything is stored on ground floor and easily accessible by overhead crane.

Willy Chetty, who has successfully managed the Warehouse division since its inception in 1996 says, “We have focussed a lot of attention on customer satisfaction and safety in handling thus ensuring a zero tolerance in damages to cargo. All handling equipment and accessories goes through a stringent quarterly service and certification thus ensuring our high quality standards. Over the past 19 years we have strived to improve our handling methods to accommodate almost any type of cargo,” says Chetty.