SETTINGS Function Hire was extremely worried about the possibility of their containers collapsing onto their offices, they needed help and reached out to Wesley Thompson from Durban Rigging for assistance. He immediately curbed their fears and set their minds at ease, Wesley and staff were also battling with the flooding at home, but  despite their own personal troubles, they still attended to the call for help.

SFH is on field’s hill and the road was being destroyed by the mudslides, but he promised he would find his way to us using whatever route was possible. It took a while to get to us but he did not give up and kept us updated the entire time.

We were so relieved to see the truck, they moved the containers and were so professional and cheerful even with all the destruction around them, it’s so dangerous with the mud and rain but they got on with the job and finally, our offices were safe and our containers correctly stored.

We just wanted to say thank Lovemore Bros for assisting us and commend Lovemore on the wonderful humans you have working for you. Well Done Wesley and team.