tracks plant

MRT GLOBAL awarded LOVEMORE BROS the contract to provide complete rigging services to remove and replace the coal receiving structure situated above coal silo B on site at Exxaro Matla Coal Mine # 1.

The existing structure measuring 7,5m x 12m x 15m high (1350m3) and weighing 105 tons, constituted a three-storey steel structure with internal walkways and platforms, chutes, hoppers and three incoming conveyors. These were all positioned above a 42m-high concrete silo, translating into a total structure height of 54m to be dismantled and craned down to ground level. The section criteria were based on crane capacity and structure geometry.

On completely removing the existing structure, a new purpose-made structure, built on-site, had to be craned into place. This replacement structure had the same dimensions and internal components, but an increased weight of 136 tons and was also installed in sections and individual components.

To minimise the impact of coal supply to Matla Power Station, the project was undertaken over the Christmas 2018 period with a compressed timeline achieved by working extended hours; rotating manpower and working the public holidays.

LOVEMORE BROS services included crane selection based on in-house rigging studies in auto cad format, complete rigging manpower and equipment, supported by on-site safety and management manpower.