Lovemore Bros iThemba
Lovemore bros and IThemba

In 2003, visonary leader Danie van den Heever and his wife Judy established a haven for hope near Hillcrest in KZN. Realising the need for positive action to address the effects of the social crisis in the Embo Valley, they drove the process to form an inspirational organisation entitled ‘Focus on iThemba’- the isiZulu word for ‘hope’. With generous support from donors such as Lovemore Bros, Focus on iThemba has grown from strength to strength.

Lovemore Bros has been proudly supporting Focus on iThemba for a number of years, support of which has been channelled directly into supporting the iThemba Schools Enterprise Development Programme. This project focuses on the capacity-building of small business owners in the community as well as that of the people who work for them in order to create flourishing enterprises that are valued and well-supported by the communities in which they are situated.

“The support of Lovemore Bros, has enabled Focus on iThemba to upskill the owners of four carefully selected creches in Embo with business skills including financial management, business administration and human resources. Equipping business owners with these skills will ensure the sustainability of these enterprises as profitable ventures. The principals of the four creches are currently furthering their education and we are proud to report that at the end of 2014 all will hold formal qualifications in Early Childhood Development (NQF Level 4),” says Amanda Seidler from Focus on iThemba

“The need for good educare facilities in rural areas and informal settlements is critical in order to ensure that the foundations for later development are laid in the vital first six years of each child’s life. Quality pre-school education is not considered a luxury, but a necessity for the healthy mental, physical and emotional development of a child. Lovemore Bros. investment enables Focus on iThemba to facilitate the formal training of ground level teaching staff and caregivers at the creches to ensure optimal stimulation of the young minds in their care,” says Amanda.

Lovemore Bros is proud to be in partnership with an organisation committed to shaping future leaders by striving for continuous improvement in education, excellence in parenting, lifting the awareness of high risk behaviours and through dedicated team work always putting the needs of children first.