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Rigging in construction involves the moving, securing or placing of a load whilst using appropriate mechanical shifting equipment. In some projects, the move of the load may require cranes and hoists or other machinery like chain blocks and winch systems. Rigging and moving machinery and heavy material is a high risk service that requires complete accuracy.

Our Lovemore Bros rigging material moving solution involves the rigging out, loading, transporting, offloading and positioning of machines or material. To complement this service in our turnkey solution, we provide heavy lift solutions, warehousing and logistics, abnormal loads transport and specialist expertise in complex Mechanical Projects. Our turnkey solution can be tailored according to specific project requirements, budgets and timelines. See more info on our turnkey solution here: https://lovemore.co.za/turnkeysolution/

Our Rigging Crew

Leading the service are our professional riggers and supervisors with more than three decades of experience. Supporting our riggers are our certified crane truck operators and with their diversified project experience, the team can handle an array of project requirements – from the old-school jack and pack to over-round rigging and now computerised PLC-driven lifting equipment! Mobile cranes, helicopters, gantries and hydraulic jacking operations are all typical spheres of work that we have experience in.

A professional, certified and experienced team, backed by world-class lifting gear and technology is how we can offer our clients a superior Rigging & Materials Handling Service.

What equipment is used for Rigging and Machine & Material Moving?

Crane Trucks

These self-contained rigging entities are equipped with multi-functional hydraulic cranes and include all necessary equipment from mechanical jacks to heavy duty slings. Our crane trucks have a specially strengthened chassis to allow for point loads be placed on the crane truck deck for onsite movement while providing the flexibility required when the crane is operating. Their compact design allows for work in areas where space is very restricted or the roof level is very low. Every aspect of the crane truck is carefully designed and manufactured to best suit our clients needs.

Hydraulic Gantries

Robust in their design with excellent safety features, our two hydraulic boom gantry systems each consist of four lift housings which are capable of lifting in excess of 300 tons. The gantries self-powered and versatile mobile entities, making them easy to transport and can be efficiently deployed to operate on a variety of sites, including greenfield projects.

Mobile Cranes

Ranging from 7t-800t, our industry partner contribute to our service offering by suuplying mobile cranes for small lifts and heavy lifts. This service includes design, site establishment and operators and riggers specified for the various crane types.

Strand Jacks

Strand Jacks use multiple-strand wires which is a type of braided wire that is more flexible than steel. They are used to lift, slide, support and transfer large, abnormal and heavy leads along a straight line. These computerised and PLC driven jacks are used as a winch system for very heavy loads in construction and engineering projects where space is restricted for alternate heavy lift equipment.

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